A guide to the treatment of stye on eye

A guide to the treatment of stye on eye

For better vision or beauty, you have to dedicate yourself towards giving your eyes all the care and protection they deserve. They are very sensitive and require nothing more than to be handled with care.

Cleaning them is a better way to start. With all the conditions and diseases on the prowl, it is good to take precautions. The confusing bit is that there are some cases where these conditions will just pop up out of nowhere. No matter how careful you are with your eye, they have decided not to give you a well deserved break. Take the styes for instance.

What are styes?

These are lumps which happen to pop up on either one of the sides of your eyes. It could be the one on the side of your nose or the other side of your cheek. They are mostly found out in the mornings when one wakes up.

With time, they become swollen and ripen up then burst, as a mixture of blood and pus flows out. Before then, there is a significant level of pain that has to be endured. Research says that they do not just pop out of the blues. There is a common bacteria in the eye that warrants this kind of painful lump.

How to deal with styes

Imagine a scenario where you wake up one morning only to find a painful swelling on your eye. Presumably, this is the very first time you are facing this problem. You prepare to give an ear piercing scream just to wake yourself from the supposed dream.

Wait, it is not a dream, this is a harsh reality that you have to be prepared to deal with. On the bright side, stye on eye is not a death sentence. Instead, it sets the stage for you to learn something new.
The first thing you should do is to clean your eye with a clean piece of cloth. Moisten it with some clean water to get rid of bacteria that may have accumulated inside.

Be gentle with it

It is not advisable to pop a stye when it is still in its raw stage. The best thing would be to allow it time to become ripe and it will pop on its own. Once this happens, you should get a clean and moist towel to clean it up. Failure to which will lead to contamination and things might get worse.

You should also be careful to wipe the sides of the eye. Do not spread the contents of the ruptured stye to the healthier parts of the eye. Do this at least twice in a day until you are very sure that your old healthy eye is back.


Viable treatments for styes

As much as the styes can reach a point where they are unbearably painful, it is not advisable to apply any pain relieving ointments or oils. The only way to get rid of them is simply by letting them ripen and rupture on their own.
However painful they may be, the bright side is that they will not take too long before they can finally pack up and go.